Some Links worth exploring (in no specific order) ...

YouTube InvenTV1 (Gaming Systems & Entertainment)

YouTube InvenTV2 (Mobile Electronics & Roamadic Gear)

Gizmodo - great gear and gadget reviews

Geekologie - what the name implies, so if you feel the call ...

Cool Tools - Kevin Kelly (founder/editor at Wired) knows good stuff

Technabob - more cool lifestyle tech

TokyoFlash - latest cool digital watches from Japan

UberGizmo - electronic gear and cameras

Wired GadgetLab - Wired magazines emerging tech blog

DreamLoft - an interactive media playground

Light Fantastic | Forge New York - our creators

FluentIdeas - an interesting think tank we work with

YouTube - Fluent Ideas

Product Manufacturer Links

Ambient Devices - very cool information devices

Chumby - an internet media player

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